What we do

We offer a range of ceremonies from secular services to traditional Pagan handfastings, and encourage couples to alter a chosen service to suit their particular personalities and reflect their own individual relationship. We are proud to offer this option to couples of any sexual orientation, cultural background and ethnicity.

Where can we do weddings

We are based in KwaZulu Natal and perform weddings from Durban coastal area up to the Midlands. Distances further than this can be arranged, however accommodation may need to be catered for depending on time and distance.

What you need to do

Please note you will need to provide the following for the legal side of the wedding:

  • 2 x copies of ID book each
  • 2 x ID photos each
  • 2 x divorce or widow papers if relevant
  • 2 x witnesses over 18 with SA ID numbers

The ceremony which you choose shall be finalised two weeks before your wedding date, and a copy signed by both bride and groom to be handed to the celebrant. This should also include the venue, date, time and any other special requirements.

The celebrant will keep a portfolio for you, the couple, which will detail each meeting and record each decision you have taken regarding the ceremony. You are welcome to keep the portfolio after the wedding as a memento.

Please feel free to adjust a ceremony to reflect your own individual relationship, or alternatively, write your own. The celebrant is here to help you make your wedding ceremony meaningful and relevant to your lives together. Make use of her advice, but trust your own judgement.

Marriage Officers Demystified

Marriage Officers are a relatively new concept in South Africa, and so the general public are not very familiar with how we work, what our responsibilities are to the bridal couple, the State and ourselves as representatives of our chosen faith. Here I will attempt to answer some of the more common queries.

In times past, a couple were expected to be married by a cleric of one of the dominant monotheistic religions (Christianity, Judaism or Islam) or simply go to court and sign the official documents. Our Constitution guarantees freedom and respect of one's opinion, beliefs and religious practices. To this end, the State has enacted several laws which allow for representatives of other minority faiths and traditional customs to carry out marriages in those ways which recognise both the legal requirements of the State, as well as the cultural requirements of the individual.

As a member of the South African Pagan Council and a practicing Pagan, I have been given authority by the State to perform weddings between couples of any sexual orientation or cultural background, in accordance with the legal requirements of the State, and the ethic of tolerance and acceptance that is promoted by the South African Pagan Council.

As a marriage officer, it is my responsibility to the State to complete all of the necessary paperwork including fingerprinting, (in addition to the ceremony) and submit it together with the marriage register to the Home Affairs Office so that it can be entered into the population register. The married couple will receive an electronic certificate from Home Affairs via my auspices. On this site, you will find a link to the Home Affairs marital status confirmation page, which will give you your current marital status. Once your details have been submitted to Home Affairs, it will be a short waiting period until your details have been changed in the population register, and you may check this using the link.

It is my responsibility to the bridal couple and to the South African Pagan Council to conduct all interactions and ceremonies with tolerance, compassion and reverence, and to ensure that those entering into the marriage state are willing and competent to do so. It is also my charge to perform ceremonies which reflect the beliefs of the bridal couple. I became a marriage officer because I believe that everyone has the right for their beliefs to be recognised as relevant and meaningful, especially when making the sacred commitment of marriage.

Home Affairs Weddings

Many people choose to get married at Home Affairs to avoid the expense and time taken to have a full wedding. However, the experience of waiting in a queue to get married is not one that leaves happy memories. You can come to us and have the paperwork done in the beautiful valley of Drummond, or we can come to you and do the paperwork in the peace and quiet of your own home. No queues or crowds required.